Nov 5, 2014

10 My HOMEDEC 2014 Adventure

One of the events I look forward to yearly is the the Home Decor and Design Exhibition (HOMEDEC).

It's how I keep in touch with what's new and exciting in the decor world. I'm not planning on renovating my home anytime soon, but I can be moved to make little changes if something catches my liking. Grin. 

A house is just a roof over your head. It is the little things we put inside it that makes it a home. Little things like laughter, mementos, hobbies, your favourite colour on a wall, a sofa that has seen your friends, stuff that says 'you'  or 'family' . A home is something you build over the years and holds your greatest memories - that's how I see it. 

These are pictures I took at the exhibition last week. I'm sharing some of my favourite brands.

Aino Living, being one of it. At HOMEDEC, the focus was on their Kitchen and Wardrobe systems. I know Aino for their kitchenware. I pop into their store whenever I get the chance.

In fact, I was at their 1Utama branch just last night! The Christmas decor was already up and there were plenty of kitchen goodies that would make nice gifts. I noticed a couple of lovely baking sets which were going for under a hundred ringgit, and beautiful glasses for just under ten!

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? 

Aino Living

I first fell in love with Lebensstil for their classic fans. It was the one thing I really wanted (not needed) for my home during my early days of owning a house. I never got round to buying one. This was ten years ago, and I still go, "Wow..."

The SUMMER hot water system by Solartech is a neat product. It uses solar energy to heat water. That means saving on electricity bills.The aluminium enclosure can be recycled. I love the way they did their booth. It's inviting.

If I owned landed property, I would have this installed.


i~wals by Trocellen gives character to walls. This innovative wall is one of the items I considered an exciting find. It's sold in pieces. Each piece is layered with adhesive backing. Simple to install, convenient and easy to clean too.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think I should get a box of these!


Finally, the last picture I'm sharing in this post. On my walkabout, I saw many unique bathroom accessories and cute items.

One of it is this skybath, a rain shower head that is equipped with a light that changes colour. For a moment, I envisioned myself having a disco party in the shower. Funny, I know.

If you feel that you want roaring thoughts to fill your mind during a relaxing bath in the tub, then this dragon head bathtub faucet could be your cup of tea.

Who knew a fire extinguisher could look this good. I have one at home, but not this prettily dressed. Do you like it? 

Top : Skybath
Bottom-right : Dragon bathtub faucet
Bottom-left : Fancily dressed fire extinguisher

Well, that's how I spent my weekend. It was fun. If you're into home decor or just want to upgrade certain things, keep this exhibition in mind.

Did I mention that they do giveaways too? Follow HOMEDEC on Facebook ... ;)


  1. love to have that skybath...(dreaming mode). For time being I settle for wide rain shower head (back to reality mode) :)

    1. We will need to get a sponge mic along with that. Singing and dancing in the bath will never be the same ^.^

  2. I love attending such exhi. Make me dreaming of my dreamy home. Haha.

  3. Looks like a wonderful event.

  4. Orchard Road in SG started their lights-up & so do some of the malls. Hubby just suggested putting up our X'mas tree today; hopefully we've time to do that later.

    1. I remember Christmas at Orchard Road - it's magical. I can't wait to see your Xmas tree, Shirley! ^.^

  5. Great pics! This looks like a wonderful event! We are actually doing a bit of work in the dining room this coming weekend. :) T.

    1. I'm always 'doing something' to redecorate the home. It's like a hobby to me :D


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