Feb 14, 2015

10 CNY Decor At 1Utama

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I've just finished preparing the home for Chinese New Year. On Valentine's Day? I know...but I'm feeling really accomplished.

The decor is up. The prosperity symbol, a red papercut piece, hangs outside my door upside down. I welcome spring with a thin cardboard sign with the Chinese character emblazoned on it.

1Utama CNY Decor

Festive cookies, ang pao packets, lively songs I don't understand a word of and oh, as I type this, someone's lighted the  firecracker! I've heard drum beats from a couple of trucks ferrying the lion dance troupe passing by my home.

It's hard to not feel overly excited.

These are photos I took the other day of the decor at 1Utama Shopping Mall.

Theme : Bloom of Opulence (Left, Spring. Center, God of Prosperity)

Summer (Back), Autumn (Front)

It reminds me of the old Chinese opera performers. So lovely to look at. If these came in small sized dolls, I would definitely buy some to decorate my home.


Oh my, it's almost 6PM. I have to go get ready. ..for dinner, of course.


  1. Errr dolls for decoration? I prefer flowers.
    Enjoy your candlelight dinner.

  2. It does look like Opera performers.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I bet you have a great dinner last night.

    1. Thanks, Rose. You won't believe what we had for dinner! ^.^

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, brilliant. For me, best decor idea! ^.^

  4. yeah the deco in one U really unique this year. I hope its not too late to wish you a great new year ahead, Dear Sharon!


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