Dec 21, 2015

12 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015

Big Bad Wolf 2015

This is my fourth Big Bad Wolf Book Sale adventure. I went on a working day this time, reaching the place 10am-ish. It was still peaceful. Finding a parking spot was a breeze, not much different from my previous experiences.

There were trolleys available; not that I made any use of it. I have always preferred carrying everything in my large recycle sling bag. Easier to get around. When it gets too heavy, I leave the books at the storage counter.

Check out the rows and rows of cheap books!

This is where we leave our books until we're ready to pick it up again.

24-hour Book Storage Counter at BBW 2015

I went home with only five books because I'd already done my Christmas gift shopping earlier. This 'Chocolate' hardcover is my absolute favourite! I just fell in love with the beautiful pictures and the way it was presented.

Sharon and her Chocolate Book

Such a gorgeous layout!

A BBW Purchase

What else is new for me this time around? I finally signed up as member!

"..Why do you need the 'race' field?" I asked the young girl who waited for me to complete the form.

I skipped ticking whether I was Chinese, Indian or Others; forgot if I wrote 'Malaysian' instead, but it's what I would usually do.

She explained, slightly panicky, that it was for them to send us festive greetings. There was no way she could tell for sure what I celebrated from my name. Hehe.

I did my bit for charity by donating a book to Astro Kasih's book donation drive for underprivileged children. They blessed me with bookmarks and a sticky page marker. Wasn't expecting that!

BBW Goodies

Well, that's that on my day at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015. It was a fun experience that I'll treasure in years to come. I'm looking forward to the next one already!


  1. I went for my first BBW visit and surprisingly came away empty handed.

    1. I believe your interest lies in food, Nancy!! ^.^

  2. I can spend the whole day here. Glad to know that you had found something you like. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 Sharon!

    1. You and me alike, Autumn Belle! Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 to you too ... xxoo ^.^

  3. big bad wolf..such a fun name for a book sale.
    Happy Holidays, Sharon.

    1. ..the most exciting too! Happy Holidays, Angie! :D

  4. I wish they would come to Kuching.

    Merry Christmas to you abd family.

    1. Thanks, Rose! May your wishes come true :D

  5. Last time I went for a few times for the few days BBW fair
    It was never enough for me
    too much great books with affordable price
    but now my book shelf is too full to get more :(

    1. My book shelves are brimming too. It is such and exciting place to be! ;D


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