Aug 1, 2016

16 Review : Trying Out The EnviroHome Food Wash

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"Sha, don't eat the apple with the skin on !! My sister worked in an apple farm ..", my lively, talkative friend went on about how toxic it was.

Yep, it seems that wax locks in pesticides. Fruits and vegetables have often been waxed to prolong shelf life and prevent moisture loss.

It's been my usual practice to peel fruits before eating but there are times that I prefer not to do so for aesthetic reasons, especially when I'm making party food or if it's for a blog post on my cooking blog.

Unless I know how the fresh food I have purchased is handled or where it has been before it lands on supermarket shelves, it's better to be safe than sorry; a personal opinion.

How do I clean fresh food? I've been doing it the tedious way all these years; with a small soft brush. No kidding! I'd have more faith, if I'm buying this direct from the farmer, fisherman or planting it myself. The supermarket? Mmm...

So, when the folks at EnviroHome approached me to try out their Food Wash, I was only too happy to accept!

EnviroHome - Food Wash

Pesticide, bacteria, wax - solid reasons to wash fresh produce, meat and seafood before consuming them. The most important thing that caught my eye whilst reading about EnviroHome is that their products are environmental friendly. Yep, it's non-toxic, and as a bonus gentle on the skin.

Just a squirt or two into a basin of water. That's how easy it is to use this. As you can see from the picture below, the EnviroHome  food wash is a clear transparent liquid. It has a mild slimy feel that is easily rinsed off.

EnviroHome Food Wash

Leave the fruits in the water for a couple of minutes. Do the same with seafood, raw meat and vegetables. Rub gently and rinse off. Easy peasy!

EnviroHome Food Wash - Fruit-washing

The product details.

EnviroHome Food Wash - Directions and Ingredients

My findings - Less water was used since the washing wasn't done under a running tap. We all know the importance of preserving water. As this is an earth friendly product, whatever goes down the drain is not harmful to the environment. Secondly, it took me a shorter time to clean my fruits and veggies. Finally, it looks like it does the job. My fruits and veggies look and feel clean.

I like it! It gave me a sense of security knowing that I could clean pesticide and wax off just like that. I've been using it for a week now which is probably too soon to make a proper assessment.

Here's a short demo to show you how it works and its wonders. 

Food washing products are relatively new to Malaysians. We've often taken a lackadaisical attitude towards food cleanliness, as evidenced by our enthusiasm for eating at hawker stalls that are openly unhygienic.

However, that is not to say that there isn't a rising concern for food safety and what we feed our loved ones. Many people are choosing to eat at home these days for a healthier lifestyle. The popularity of organic foods has also risen over the years. I have no doubt that concerned mothers and health conscious people will be picking up food washing products very soon. The EnviroHome Food Wash is an attractive choice because it is a natural cleaning product that is free from chemicals. 

But, are food washing products just hogwash? Does it really help? The only way to find out for sure is to try it for yourself and talk to the EnviroHome experts! Fire your questions to the relevant people via:


This is a sponsored post, where I was provided with some products to try out.
That said, this piece is wholly written by me and all opinions are my own.
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  1. I never eat fruits with their skins off. Peel them off. Haha.

    Yes, I love this product.

  2. Hi Sharon, I peel off the skin for all fruits.

  3. Definitely need some of these products to wash away whatever on the skin. Lol! xoxo

    1. Totally, Shirley. Never know what our raw food goes through before it reaches us! (^.~)

  4. This is good. I hope I can find it here in the Philippines. I don't even smell fruits and veggies with their skin on much more eat it because we never know what's been sprayed on it. Happy Wednesday Sharon!

    1. Happy weekend, Lei! Yes, I trust only what we grow ourselves...haha!

  5. I have used their products before. Its quite good. Love the bath. Do try the bath

  6. Looks like a good product, it is not available in India

    1. It's pretty useful to have around. May you have the opportunity to try this some day. Happy weekend!

  7. I usually use just plain white vinegar to soak fruits in, then rinse them in water. It does not change the taste and will kill any possible bacteria.

    1. Brilliant, Linda! Thank you for sharing. :D

  8. I also peel off the apples before eat it as the wax at the skin is not healthy for health

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