Feb 15, 2016

14 Ipoh : Impiana Hotel - Not Badlah!

I've just returned from a week-long CNY holiday and whilst running through my blog posts, realised that I had missed out sharing about our hotel stay in Ipoh. Better late than never, right? Hah! The short trip for a wedding which I had written about here, was all about the food. I guess that isn't too surprising since I run a food blog as well.

For this trip, we chose to rest at Impiana Hotel for the night. The rates are reasonably cheap at just over a hundred ringgit per night. The location is minutes away from the town's famous eats.

The best thing about this hotel is the service. Always smiling, courteous and helpful - that is enough for me to forgive any small unpleasant experience I may have had with the room. I snored in the company of a couple of baby roaches roaming around the electric water kettle. Lol! They were difficult to catch.

Let me summarise it as such - Impiana Hotel is in need of a cleaning exercise, a refurbishment. And I'm not saying this solely because of my unhygienic buddies lurking around the coffee table. 

Impiana Hotel, Ipoh

Impiana Hotel - The Lobby

Impiana Hotel - The Room

We noticed a caricature artist at work during our stay there. It was a small booth of two tables and a standing banner at the lobby area. We told him we'd be back to get ours drawn after we dropped our bags off in the room.

This is it, our caricature! Me and my machoman. Do we look alike? I showed hubs a pic of Jackie Chan (the actor) which I thought was a close resemblance. This was drawn on good quality cardboard paper, perfect to be framed up. 

Want yours done? Just email your pic over to Wan Chik. He will work on it (I guess you would have to pay in advance) and mail it over to you once it's finished. I'm leaving the nice chap's contact details below in case any one is interested.

Email : wan.graphics93 @ gmail.com (without spacing)
Instagram: wan.chik (check out his other works here)
Mobile: 017 - 548 3391

That's that on my Ipoh hotel stay. Have a nice week and once again, Happy Lunar New Year to those who are celebrating!


  1. I would like to have an artist do a caricature for my family. Not easy to find one artist over here.

    Nice drawing of you and hubby.

    1. Thanks, Rose! Perhaps you'll come across one, one day on a trip somewhere..like I did. :D

  2. I like the drawing of you and your hubby. very matching couple!

  3. That caricature of you is pretty good!

  4. Nice hotel. Just as I have thinking where to stay for the coming Ipoh trip, I see this sharing. Make it easy for me.

  5. I like your caricature drawing
    indeed it is unpleasant when the room seen the presence of the insects

    1. Thanks, Emily! Yes, I felt that the place could have been better maintained since it was drawing a good crowd.

  6. That's quite a big and nice hotel, definitely inexpensive!


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