Mar 5, 2017

16 Seremban : A Warm Stay At Sun Lun Yik Hotel

Travel with your heart; it makes a world of difference and a difference to your world.

As I climbed a flight of stairs to the check-in counter of Sun Yun Lik Hotel, I was awed by the quaint and cozy feel of the interior. Red brick and grey cement walls, it perfected the olden day feel. The hotel has been around since the 1950s. It was recently refurbished into a boutique heritage style hotel.

Sun Lun Yik Hotel, Seremban

A short, elderly Chinese man, dressed in worn clothes, attended to me. I was instantly drawn to his warmth as he showed me old documents and pictures tied to the hotel. His eyes lit in pride as he took me around. There were several antique items too. We conversed in Malay since I spoke no Mandarin.

Sun Lun Yik Hotel - The Lobby

Sun Lun Yik Hotel - The Corridor, The Rooms

I knew I was too early for check-in but took my chance anyway. At 11.30AM, the room wasn't ready so I went back out to where Hubs was - across the small road, at the carwash. The car had been splashed with an oily substance the evening before during a heavy downpour. Aah..but that's a story not for here.

After a bit of sightseeing, Hubs and I headed back to the hotel. This time, a lady wearing the hotel uniform greeted us. We were given a key to Room Lapan (eight in Malay). This air-conditioned room comes with a double bed and an attached a bathroom. The windows face the carpark below.

There were towels, toilet paper, shower gel, cloth hangers, two bottles of mineral water and a small TV. More than enough for a comfortable night.

Sun Lun Yik Hotel - Room Lapan (8)

Sun Lun Yik Hotel - Room Lapan's Queen Bed

The best thing about the hotel is its location - smack across the road from Pasar Besar Seremban, a wet market with food stalls on the first floor. I cannot imagine anything better than that. It's authentic local food. There are many other eateries nearby too. In short, you can never go hungry.

Several sightseeing spots are within walking distance but with the afternoon heat, we decided that driving was more convenient. We visited Galeri Diraja Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban Lake Garden and two abandoned historical buildings, one which was previously a library and another, a handicraft centre. We also visited Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple.

The hotel itself houses a mini art gallery along the corridor. For RM10 a night, you can also rent a video game to play. Me? I brought a book along. The best thing to do when all is still outside - read and fall into a world of imagination.

Parking is limited and requires reservation.

Sun Lun Yik Hotel

Address: 19, Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Telephone: 06-763 5735

Sun Lun Yik Hotel - The Reception Area at the top of the staircase, an old typewriter and other old items.

Will I be back? Of course. Have you seen the room rates? It is very reasonable!


  1. I love the cozy and attractive ambiance! And I love the vintage items, too!

    1. I felt very at home here. The ambiance is wonderful!

  2. Replies
    1. I believe you will. The room rates are attractive too ;)

  3. Old shop turned into hotel. I like that. Cool.

    Over here also a trend now with old buildings turned into boutique hotel. At least they maintain the outlook of the historical buildings than totally demolish and rebuild it.

    1. I agree. Always lovely to stay in a hotel with much history! I enjoy the experience.

  4. If I do go to Seremban, I will look out for this boutique hotel.

    1. The location is really good, Nancy. The rates too ;)

  5. Nice boutique hotel. As long as the room is clean, I am happy.

  6. Bed look very comfortable. It's the most important.

    1. I agree. A good night's rest is always best.

  7. It does not look attractive to me from its bluish exterior paint
    but is surprised me with all the antiques and furnishing inside(your pictures)
    looks comfy and within reach for all the eateries and tourist spots
    definitely will put into my consideration if happen I visit seremban
    perhaps will ask for discount lol

    1. Emily, they're giving out a free night's stay to lucky fans on their Instagram and FB account. ;)

  8. Look so old stylo and descent too.


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