Mar 27, 2018

16 This And That, The Stuff We Get

Would you believe that my plastic Chinese New Year tree of pink and red blossoms is still up? I am reluctant to take it down because I love how it brightens up my home. Not that it isn't bright enough with yellow and orange walls, and no curtains to block the sun out. It's thoroughly cheerful but I figured more is better? Lol. Minimalism is obviously not my thing.

Anyway, we received this gift from a business associate recently. A classy men's briefcase out of a James Bond movie? Not so. It's a wine case - a complete set with glasses, wine and accessories. Since I have never owned one before, you can imagine my excitement - like a kid opening up a shiny new toy. 

Wine Case

Wine Case with Accessories

I'm not big on alcoholic drinks. I cook most of it off in meat dishes, like a can of beer in braised pork or half a bottle of wine in a stew. That's how I use up all the alcoholic drinks in my house, rarely enjoying it as is.

The next time I go on a road trip, I will bring this case along complete with bottles of sparkling grape juice. Livening up my holiday, non-alcohol style! ;)

Then, I got these awesome 100plus golden bowls that came with a spoon each from buying F&N canned drinks. We bought two cartons of sarsi and two cartons of orange at RM13 each to give away to relatives for the festive season. I'd almost walked away without knowing about these free items. It was by chance that I bumped into a salesgirl who told me about it.

So I loaded two lovely sets into my shopping cart and told hubs that I was going to enjoy bubur cha cha the Datuk--Datin way. Bubur Cha Cha is a soupy coconut based sweet potato, taro dessert.

100plus Golden Bowls and Spoons

There you go, I'm practically hopeless at resisting cool stuff like these. High 5 if you're like me!


  1. Cool gifts! Love that wine case esp.!

  2. I think you should keep your CNY tree up since it vibrates some positive and happy energy like a good feng shui tree.

    I love that wine set in the classy case like a gift from Pierce Brosnan! When you want to toast, invite me lah...

    The Dato & Datin's golden bowls with matching spoons are so nice and you got it free!! I would have bought them too if you had posted this during the CNY.

    1. Kakaka .. I will probably give you the whole bottle of wine, TM! Yes, I agree with you - the tree is like a happy vibe around the house. I will do so and leave it 'til Christmas.

      Hoho, now I know who else is into stuff like these golden bowls. I will be sure to buzz you next time! Unfortunately, these promoters are only there on weekends. All the awesome freebies I've gotten are from Tesco, The Curve. Gotta actively ask the promoters what's on offer before we start marketing ;)

  3. The golden bowls and spoons are so chic. Feel like a goddess, using them. Lol.

    The wine case is cool. My man would love having it. He loves those stuff and anything to do with wine and alcohol. You should see his wine bar with wine bottles and glasses. Hahaha.

    1. Oh my gosh, now I know what to get you guys if we ever meet ;) True that, about the golden bowls.

  4. wow the wine case looks great
    everything inside looks classy and delicate
    the bowl also nice, like datin alr
    should see u use this for ur next recipe write up hehehe

    1. Nice horr... ;)
      Yeah, I guess I should. I haven't written a recipe down in ages even though I cook everyday!

  5. OMG! thats a nice set. Look so 'kelas atas' muahahaha

    1. Kelas, kannnn. We gave it to a relative in the end :)


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