Jun 14, 2018

12 Kampar : The Very Tall Ice Blended Drinks

It's been a couple of years since mum's passing. My dad, now in his mid-seventies, told me that at first it felt like this loss was his alone. It took awhile but one day it hit him that many people around us have lost their loved ones too. Seeing them pick their lives up gave my dad the strength to keep going.

My brother has been encouraging dad to visit his hometown for the longest time. Dad upped and left the sleepy town of Kampar for East Malaysia in his early twenties, got married and stayed put.

He hasn't seen our Kampar relatives for many years. Anyway, he hadn't been ready until last month when I asked him if he'd like to join the lot of us on a trip to Lost World of Tambun. Us, being my aunt and cousins. When he said yes, I arranged for a short stop there. That's how we ended up savouring Kampar's yummiest food.

The first thing we did when we arrived was quench our thirst with tall ice blended drinks at Pusat Penjaja Kampar aka Medan Selera Kampar (along Jalan Masjid), Stall 25.  

We ordered mango and dragonfruit.

Ice Blended Mango, Medan Selera Kampar

"No sugar," added my aunt.

"Cannot, cannot! It won't turn out," argued the fierce lady taking our order. She explained that without it, the drink will not hold as high.

"Okaylah, okaylah. Less sugar!" we convinced her with many smiles. She warmed up to us and was soon cracking a few jokes with our gang.

It was hard to resist snapping a lot of photos for this one. I'd never seen a drink so tall. The ice was melting at a pace we could keep up. Also, all we had to do was quickly eat until the top of the glass and then we could take our time. 

The sweetness was perfect and the taste of fresh fruit was there. Our gang gave it a thumbs up!

Ice Blended Dragonfruit, Medan Selera Kampar

I read that this place closes in the afternoon so we made sure we were there by 11.30am.

Stall 25, Medan Selera Kampar

Pusat Penjaja Kampar (Kampar Hawker Centre)

Have you had any drinks as tall as this in Malaysia? Let me know so that I can add it to my growing list of places to eat!


  1. wow i want one too. Really cool and I love the amazing colour and creaminess.

    1. I wish someone sold these nearby - great for hot afternoons!

  2. Wow! Really tall. Must eat very fast before they fall apart. Haha.

    I would go for Dragon fruit blend.

    Nice to have your dad visiting his hometown. He still can walk, right? So, good to go back and revisit his home.

    1. Cann. Still can drive too ;) He enjoyed the trip very much!

      Yes, we were scooping and scooping the drink. Good thing we didn't order one per person..haha!

  3. this thing looks so much interesting!
    I would like to try if i go Kampar

    1. I'm dying to try the rest of the flavours, so I hope it won't be too long that I make a trip there again.

  4. Gosh, I'm not good at drinking such stuff! They melted faster than I can drink! Hahaha! xoxo

    1. That's why we shared, Shirley. I don't think I can either..lol! ^.^

  5. I went to Kampar so many times and had not seen this yummy drinks! i must try....
    I am sorry about how your dad felt. When I lost both my parents within 2 years, I was deeply depressed too but overcame it faster by going overseas.

    1. I can imagine your sorrow, TM. It is not an easy thing for us who have lost our loved ones. I try not to talk too much about it and carry the good times in memory.

      Yes, yes, you must try this drink one day! Remember to share a glass unless you're sure you can beat the speed it melts ..lol.


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