Sep 24, 2018

17 Eats : Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley Megamall

Thanks to our elders, we are close to our cousins. They make our family life interesting. We have the numbers for rounders, badminton, police and thief and so much fun. There were ups and downs but also much love between us. Relationships in the old days are just that - colourful and solid.

Cousins are those childhood playmates
who grow up to be forever friends.
~ Anon

We celebrated my cousin's Birthday last weekend at Awa Mee Bar, a lovely noodle restaurant at Mid Valley Megamall. It's always an exciting affair researching for new places to eat - so many choices, so little tummy space.

Spicy Seafood Dry Noodle (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

The ambiance was pleasant, bright and clean. We were already feeling the effects of joyfulness as we sat down.

Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley

Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley

The food presentation, though easy enough, is genius -  this establishment serves noodles with a piece of fried mushroom that looks like undersea coral. The soup that came with was divine.

This was what we ordered. Tonkotsu Dry Noodles that came with a big bowl of soup for me and hubs. Do you know what tonkotsu means? I googled - Japanese broth made from pork marrow. Yum!

Non-Spicy Tonkotsu Dry Noodle (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

Tonkotsu Dry Noodle Soup (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

This is the soup that came with Spicy Seafood Dry Noodle (see the first picture of this post if you want a look at the noodles).

Spicy Seafood Dry Noodle Soup (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

These are the noodle soup versions, which my cousin and my friend ordered - Tonkotso Noodle Soup.

Top-Left Clockwise : Cutlery Kept In A Hidden Drawer at the Side of the Table,
Chilli Dip for Noodles, Tonkotso Noodle Soup,
One White Rice Noodle and One Yellow Noodle.
Hotpig Claypot - Yes, you read right. There are a couple of funny named dishes on their menu.The meat was tender and flavourful in this one. So good to eat that I feel a craving slowly coming on right now. Greedy me.

Hotpig Claypot (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

There is a 'handsome' dish on the menu. Lol.

Handsome-leh (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)

It was nice to dine here as we were treated really well by the staff. Also nothing beats good company, and the people I'm with is definitely that!

Price-wise, it was reasonable. We spent about RM20 per person - one bowl of noodles and a glass of drink. Hotpig not included.

Drinks (Awa Mee Bar, Mid Valley)
Sour Plum Tea and Honey Pomelo Tea - RM5.90 each

Awa Mee Bar
Address: Mid Valley Megamall, T-043, Third Floor Mezzanine, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telehone: 03-2280 0772


  1. I used to be close with my cousins during younger days but now everyone has family, we hardly meet up. Only communicate via fb and whatsapp. Haha. Hardly physical communication.

    Envy you to be able to meet with your cousins. That is a treasure worth keeping. Family ties and relationship.

    Lovely birthday celebration. The food looked good and well presented. Hotpig Clayton made me drool. Lol.

    Happy birthday to your cousin.

    1. Thanks, Rose (hug) We're a lucky lot - got to thank each our parents for ensuring we hung out and had lots of gatherings. The connection just flowed into adulthood despite the distance and whatever we may be busy with :)

      I hope my nieces and nephews will be as blessed.

  2. Mouthwatering! I want that claypot so badly :-))

  3. Delicious looking food and great company! So wonderful to be able to meet up and get together for a meal.

  4. Wow! That Hotpig Claypot looks yummy. I like their food presentation.
    My grandpa has 58 grandchildren but we hardly meet up. They don't even invite each other to their children's weddings. Sigh!

    1. So unique, kan. I will try presenting my food this way one day ;D

      TM, wow...that is a lot of relatives! It is sad that they don't even invite each other. How much fun it would be if they decide to get along.

  5. This shows me don't visit MV for many month . lol..they have this restaurant now? Gosh! that noodles look super tempting.

    1. I haven't visited MV in quite awhile either. New restaurants seem to be popping up here and there. Magnum cafe, which used be to on the 3rd floor, seems to have moved or closed.

  6. We have this franchise in Kuching also, but I havent go and try yet. Food looks so good.

  7. Gosh, I would love to have those Tempura Enoki! xoxo

  8. aw such a good news for foodies
    I did not notice the new shop
    just strolling at the mall last week or last 2 weeks ago...

    1. I'm not surprised. There's so many new eateries opening up that I find it hard to keep up ^.^

  9. the noodles look awesome. aiyak! i cant eat this 🙄


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