Mar 20, 2007

0 What's in a popcorn

I love going to the movies and having my popcorn. Not just any popcorn but GSC Midvalley's popcorn.

I love turning up at 10am on a Saturday and being one of those who'll be first. Aaahh..the first show of the day is always the best. Peaceful and quiet, I take a leisurely walk in with a box of popcorn in hand.

I wasn't always a big cinema fan. In the past, I used to sit in front of a small TV recording copies for video rental. Those were my childhood days, watching every wrestling videotape that my dad ordered. I was only 7 or 8 then but I knew every wrestler like I was born into it.

When Gremlins arrived, it was one of the greatest moments of my childhood. I watched it 8 times in just a couple of days. I lied to my parents about homework and studying. God knows why I was obssessed with the movie. And who could forget Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

My dad insisted on doing business the right way. Every tape was licensed. One day, competition arrived in the form of piracy. Who'd want to rent at my dad's when they could easily buy a pirated copy from the shop downstairs. The CD era was upon us. It was downhill from there save for some lovely souls who felt supporting piracy was wrong. They were my dad's loyal customers.

After my dad closed shop, I rarely watched movies because I wasn't comfortable paying so much for an original or buying pirated copies. Until today, my dad just refuses to watch any pirated movie.

It was only when I came to KL that I started enjoying the cinema experience. Well, my partner started it. He loves going to the movies. I tagged along and soon I was hooked. If you were to ask me to watch a movie on a 21 inch TV these days, I'd rather skip. Nothing beats surround sound, a huge screen and good popcorn.


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