May 22, 2007

0 Blades Of Glory

I’m never one for gross comedy (Think : Hong Kong movies). Therefore, I always think twice before deciding to watch a comedy on the big screen but Blades Of Glory took away my trepidation.

It was light and funny especially Will Ferrell who played Chazz Michael Michaels. Hehhee…imagine that - a big hairy manly character in a body hugging costume doing twists and turns on skates. I didn’t know whether to feel disgusted or to take in the hilarity of it but it was too hard to resist and I ended up laughing all the way.

The movie’s about two male rival figure skaters who hate each other and had to team up to join the pairs figure skating competition after they were banned for life from participating in the singles competition.

This is a good Sunday movie – not exactly great fare for children though since Chazz is a sex maniac ;)


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