May 16, 2011

0 A lovely Sunday afternoon no more..

I was sure it was 'just one of those rainy days' accompanied by the usual thunder and lightning streaking across the hazy Kuala Lumpur sky.

"It would be over quickly," I prayed, because I had visitors who had just left the building on a bus. A moving double decker under wet weather doesn't fit my ideals of a safe journey home. I worried for their wellbeing though it was unnecessary.

I stayed cocooned inside 1Utama for most part of my Sunday, eating, chatting and sifting through Movie Magic's CD/DVD bargains, very much unaware that Mother Nature had let rip a slew of mini disasters outside. I only counted my blessings that I wasn't caught in a traffic jam that I knew had ensued. Flying roof-tops, trees being uprooted and flash floods had not crossed my simple mind.

When the calmness of the sky reached our ears, we decided to journey home. We had parked our car in the lower basement of the shopping mall.

"Whoaaa..!" I exclaimed at the sight before me. 

Rain water had seeped through the ceiling and the carpark was drenched. I imagined myself walking through the sewers as I tiptoed over the huge puddle of water that had accumulated almost a centimetre high and zigzagged my way through droplets of water above me.

I admit it was fun, but only because no catastrophe had befallen the car. I don't doubt that the adult in me would appear if the situation was otherwise.

Flooded carpark

Wet shoes for sure!
The aftermath of the storm was obvious as we drove by broken branches and muddied roads. When we got home, our neighbour shared that the lifts had been out and his rooms were flooded. The news.


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