May 4, 2011

0 Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Hulu Langat, Ampang

Located just a couple of kilometres past the famous Lookout Point (Ampang), this restaurant promises authentic Thai cuisine at an affordable price. That, it delivers.

Signboard from the main road

I'm excited about this new try because its obviously different from what we city folks are used to. It involves travelling through a narrow bumpy road into the not-too-deep green jungle. 

There are no streetlights in sight. I'm glad we made this a lunch affair. It somewhat eased my worried heart. Travelling in the dark with the sound of thousands of crickets emanating from the trees around is not how I would have imagined a lovely outing to be.

Driving on, we reached a tarred open space, where the resident caretaker roams, a goose with no qualms about telling us off. "Honkkk! honkk!" went the goose.

A man in a makeshift tent got up on our approach. He passed us a receipt, charging us RM2 for "passing through private land". Funny..I had assumed it was for parking.

Restaurant on a fish farm

There's entertainment

Where shall we sit..

Pretty fish below which you can feed.
Fish pellets are sold at RM2 per packet.

Rich and flavourful is how I would describe the food we have ordered. The restaurant is staffed by Thais which affirms their proficiency in Thai cuisine.

Steamed fish in lemon sauce

Large long beans, fried belacan style


Tom yum seafood soup

Salt BBQ-ed fish. We didn't try this but
they say this is a favourite of many. 

Cooking it fresh

Off to the kitchen

Dessert bar (ABC, Kuih Pelita, Mango rice, etc) 

Fresh vegs sold here

The vegetable farm


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