Dec 8, 2011

2 Marché Restaurant and Lin

Lin buzzed me on Facebook.

"Hey, I wanna go to that market place you wanted to bring me"

And this was like for the hundredth time. I had promised to take Lin there but every time the opportunity came up, we'd already stuffed ourselves full from a heavy breakfast or from some in-between snacking. Typical of both of us. We enjoy good food with a dose of hometown gossip.

We finally made it to Marché after what seemed like ages. 

"Eh, have you ever eaten snails?" Lin asked, not really caring for an answer.

A wave of trepidation washed over me as I answered her with a cautious no. But there she was, nicely piling the bowl up, making sure she maximized every inch of space available. I could only stand and watch in admiration at her enthusiasm.

The first thing we did, as we settled down on our table, was to try out the snail sausage salad. I had imagined it to be chewy and something-pretty-nasty... but it was exactly the opposite. I'm sorry I doubted it's deliciousness based on it's name and what I know it to be.

Our taste buds were further excited with one slurp of pumpkin soup, so rich and creamy  that it was a dream come true.

Then, came pizza and dessert, which did not disappoint either. Maybe we're just greedy..

Anyway, check out our spread.

Snail sausage salad

This snail sausage salad up close!


Pumpkin soup

Yummy desserts

Market-like set-up

He's preparing our fresh juice


  1. Dear, are you sure there were only two of you? Gee, you gals were gluttons leh! Hehe...

  2. We won't disappoint on the buffet table ^.^


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