Dec 30, 2011

4 A Christmas Eve Special

Festive themes are my favourite. I put in the effort because of my love for variety. It is the spice of life, they say.

Christmas Eve arrived. I stoked myself up to surprise everyone with a warm hearty meal. On the menu? Fried rice...*pause*, baked chicken and pumpkin soup.

When food was served, it became an affair for the paparazzis at home, including me. Clicking and clicking away on my little digital camera until the food was no longer piping hot. Well, that's a silly thing to do..

The table is set

Christmas, Asian style!

Baked 4 chicken drumsticks with tomatoes and potatoes

A special dish for Aunt Em

The day ends with good fruity wine


  1. Sharon ah, you tak invite me lei... I sooo sad! :(

    But am glad you had a wonderful time! Yeay! Happy New Year to you, dear! Be well n happy always! N smile always! Cantik lah! :D

  2. Cannotlar like that.. As a responsible citizen of LG Blog, I can't just take the President away for a party anytime I like ..haha..joking. Thanks LG and Happy New Year! ^.^

  3. May you have a blessed Christmas season and Happy New Year 2012 to you and family!

  4. Thanks Autumn Belle, a blessed year to you and your family too! ^.^


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