Feb 6, 2012

5 A "New" New Year Resolution

I'd like to think so, away from the usual "Lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle" thing. Those are more like Doctor's orders, something I should do before my next medical check-up. I can hear my Doctor groaning already.

Unashamedly, I admit to have scoured the bookstores for KL Lifestyle's January issue when I found out that I was featured in the magazine, for their segment on New Year resolutions. 

Vanity, it had me in its fold, entangled. I had even offered to autograph a copy for a friend. She sniggered, without remorse.

KL Lifestyle


  1. Sharon dear, I am so proud of you and your resolution! A pretty picture too! :D

  2. LG, you don't want my autograph arh? ..kakaka ^.^ Thanks for the compliment..a first in my life!

  3. Wow, to be featured in a magazine - that's really great! And you look very sweet.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Autumn Belle. Just about made my day.

  5. Yes, yes, Sharon! Pls give me your autograph! It's gonna make me a millionaire in years to come! Yeay!!!


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