Sep 21, 2012

0 Nasi Lalap in Sabah .. sadap-bah! (delicious-bah!)

New Recipe?
Eat local! I get both excited and intimidated at the same time when I decide to try food I've never eaten before.

Along the way to Kinabalu Park, we stopped by a shoplot eatery for lunch.

There was a big framed "C" rating on the wall. Mmm..not too clean but no swarming flies is a good sign surely.

The other thing that caught my attention was the "Nasi Lalap" sign stuck on the food display cabinet.

Bzzzt! "Should I? Should I? Should I?" - A tape recorder in my brain gone haywire from replaying the same question over and over again.

Aaah..the heart wins over. I ordered a plate of nasi lalap, a silly grin plastered on my face. Am I gonna get diarrhea for this..*thoughts*

What is nasi lalap anyway? I think it means "rice salad" but I cannot confirm this. Mock not this local for her lack of knowledge - She only has so much space in her tummy to accommodate the
vast variety of gastronomical splendour that is out there.

Tempe, Steamed Brinjal, Chicken and Sambal
Nasi lalap came served on a neat wooden plate. A heartwarming take.

A small bowl of soto soup was also included. It complimented the dish perfectly. Tempe, brinjal and fried chicken with sambal on the side - Mixed together in rice, it was booming with flavour. I loved every bite!

If the opportunity arises, this is something I would eat again.

I'm glad I did not judge the food by its restaurant. It would have only served to limit my makan (eating) adventure to city-like standard restaurants.

Other photos :

Journey to Nasi Lalap. We crossed a one-lane bridge before getting there.

Heading towards Nasi Lalap
The employees in the eatery were busy peeling these tiny red chilis when we arrived. I'm not comfortable eating these because it's very spicy!

Cili Padi (Bird's Eye Chilli) - common here

Next cooking project: Nasi Lalap.


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