Feb 6, 2013

0 Sabah - State Museum and Heritage Village

If you're on a shoestring budget and find Sabah's guided cultural tours a little too expensive, then the State Museum is the place to go. I got to know a little about the historical background of the Land Below The Wind and the ethnicity of the locals for just RM2.

The museum is a short taxi ride away from Kota Kinabalu town. There are taxis for hire at the museum itself so we didn't have to make prior arrangements for transport back.

Lovely fountain beside the museum
RM2 per entry (for locals)
Vintage cars outside the museum

Photo-taking is prohibited inside the museum *sob* but I've plenty of nice shots of the heritage village which is just adjacent.

The museum experience was a little too dry for my inner child to spring out into wide-eyed awe. It was traditional and requires a lot of mental engagement. I'm not a history buff but I did "try" to concentrate and pay attention to the mundane details that were written on every exhibit! I shamelessly feigned some curiosity.

My interest however piqued when I reached the Heritage Village because it required more hand and legwork, climbing up and down, trying things out...and being that ulu (backward)  person who felt a need to touch everything she passes.

There are ten (I think) houses to explore, some pretty scary to walk into because I was worried about falling through the flimsy rattan floors! I don't want to be a Youtube sensation for the wrong reasons..seeing that my sister-in-law was videotaping the surroundings.

To summarise, I thought the museum was well worth the trip up.

Here are some photos I took of the Heritage Village:

This way to the village (downstairs)
I wouldn't miss the experience of crossing an old rickety hanging bridge!
There are stairs, if you prefer.

Rumah Suluk (Suluk House)
Rumah Iranun (Iranun House)
Rumah Brunei (Brunei House)
The interior of a typical Sabah native home
The interior of the Brunei house
A small lake between the heritage houses
The main entrance of the muzium


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