Feb 9, 2013

0 The "BIG" Curry Bun at Restoran Tin Hoe Hweeh

We had just finished our breakfast of wonton noodles when a lady walked passed us - with a hUuuge(!) bun on her tray.

Excitement was written all over our face. We followed her to the glass display cabinet lined with local made cakes, pastries and bread.

"What is this, arh?"  We asked.

"Curry bun. RM16."

"Huaaa...want or not?" 
Machoman looked at me.

"Wantlahhh..once in a lifetime!"
  Such an eager beaver I am. We tapao-ed (packed) one home.

There you have it. One expensive bun in the bag .. but well worth the experience and a warm way to share food. I imagine bringing this along to a picnic or having it at small cosy parties.

At home, I started to admire it even more, gently moving it about for photos (wait..does that look like the tip of... *smack!* ), poking at it to test its softness, sniffing at the fresh smell of baked bread.

Poke. Soft.

Although I was reluctant, it was time to eat it. I got the knife out, slicing as I would a cake. Well, it did come in a cake box!  Seconds later, I was frantically going,"Oh! oh! the gravy's leaking all out!!!"  We grabbed another plate to raise the affected area to stop the flow.

When it comes to large curry buns, it is safer to tear or slice open from top across - lesson learnt.

This bun contains curry chicken covered in grease proof paper. Such a neat idea that makes perfect sense because this way, we can tear bread off the sides and dip it into the gravy at the center.

Without the greaseproof paper, the gravy would have soaked into the bread and it'd be the usual dry curry buns we're used to.

How did I find this taste-wise? YummMmmYYyy!!

Comes in a standard sized cake box. A treat for 4 people - 2.5 times the width of my arm!

Slice open from top across

Warm soft bread and rich flavoured curry chicken

Corner lot located along Jalan Ipoh


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