Apr 8, 2014

10 Walking It Off at Kepong Metropolitan Park

When I prayed for bigger things to come, I didn't mean my tummy!

...So I posted on Facebook, along with a picture of a running track (photo below). I looked up at the sky, amused at my conversation with God. A funny thought hit me ~ Why in the world was I looking up for. God is everywhere, isn't HE?  It's oddly comical. I've probably seen too many images of people looking up in the same manner, for the same reason. That thought out of the way, I think I'll make myself a cup of tea, sit outside and have my chats from now onwards by talking to the seemingly empty seat beside me.

Back to my story. This photo was taken at Kepong Metropolitan Park, one of the largest recreational grounds in Kuala Lumpur. It covers 90hectares of land.

The track around the lake was more than a 3km walk. There were insufficient trees to shade from the heat in some areas. Oh, I'm just being spoilt. A little sun is probably good for me. This place is lovely for exercise.

The sky blue track makes running that little bit more exciting

I could brisk walk two rounds...well, not yet!

Here's a glimpse of the lake and its vastness

Glorious weather for a walk

Surprise! There are two lakes - one small, one big

Kepong Metropolitan Park is more than what I'm posting here. I have yet to explore the place earnestly.

I did pass a children's playground, a football field, lots of food and drink stalls. There's a tarred track dedicated for cycling. I also understand that this is the place to go for kite-flying as well.

I don't have photos for those..yet. I would love to catch kite-flying enthusiasts in action. It will have to happen on another visit. Today, my goal is only to walk up a sweat.

A resting hut along the way

The toilet at Kepong Metropolitan Park


  1. I think I know this place...not sure
    if not mistaken the park is next to the main road heading to FRIM
    I always see lots kite flyer in the park
    huhu...what a long time I didn't jog

    1. Yes, this is right next to a road that heads to FRIM. I haven't been to FRIM - adding it into my list of must-visit places ;)

  2. What a lovely spot! The first sentence of this post made me giggle.

  3. Beautiful lake and greens. And a good idea of painting the track blue.

    1. Yes, the blue track made walking a livelier affair..lol ^.^

  4. I laughed till I had tears. I so wish we lived closer. I know that you and I would be great friends. I hope we keep in touch, I would love it. You have that free spirit who isn't afraid to laugh at herself and talk to God too. I to need to walk up a good glisten, as the ladies of the South don't sweat we glisten. ..lol..maybe we can go for our walks together like a buddy system. What do you think? I can see it now, I like to laugh a lot so it might be fun.

    1. Oh, thank you, Bea. I'm learning - glisten, it is! Lol. I think a buddy system's a brilliant idea. I have to tell you my weakness. I have this strong urge to stop for ice-cream whenever I start to 'glisten' too much. It's not working out very well. Someone has to stop me...lol!

  5. The place looks so serene! I would love to have a picnic there.....

    1. That's a great idea, Shirley! Now that you've put it into my head, I feel like filling up a picnic basket and heading there for tea ^.^


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