Apr 1, 2014

10 Ipoh : Heritage Hotel - In old, we trust!

Old is gold, so it is said. Heritage Hotel is reminiscent of a typical mid-range 80s hotel, a time when boutique hotels with fancy themed rooms and the modern minimalistic sleeping space of Tune Hotels were unheard of.

Heritage Hotel, Ipoh

I had a comfortable stay at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh. The room is spacious. The rates are reasonable, around RM150 (twin beds) for a night.

I also had the fastest check-in ever. You can't fault me for walking away with the key card thinking, "What? That's it? Feels wrong..."

The bellboy picked my bags up. I was ushered into a transparent elevator, along with the family.

The entrance to the rooms were designed in such a way that it faces the open space in the middle (picture below). There are no hidden corners. I prefer this openness over the one where we have to walk along a small dark corridor to get to our rooms. You never know who could be lurking around. Here, you can see where the cleaners are and if anyone's hanging around suspiciously.

To the rooms in Heritage Hotel, Ipoh

This is it, our room with twin beds (picture below). Nice? More than, I say. The view is decent too - A beautiful landscape of greenery and hills in the distance. Closer, landed properties with neatly trimmed lawns and gardens.

The room in Heritage Hotel, Ipon

The stuff we need to know - hairdryer included!

There's ample parking space in Heritage Hotel. This is a major plus for people intending to drive over for a holiday.

Another thing I really love about the place? It's located just kilometers away from Ipoh's tourist spots and round the bend from the heart of town.

I left, revitalised from good sleep.


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