Mar 18, 2013

0 I want everything and everyone silenced!

The world is not meant to be silenced by selfish man.

It was meant to carry the cries of a baby, whoops of laughter, the meows of a cat or bark of a puppy. It was meant to carry the pop-pop-snap of firecrackers during festive season, the chimes of church bells on Sunday mornings, the crackling of prawn crackers expanding in the hot oil of the wok.

It was meant to carry the serene sounds of a running stream, the chirps of birds, the shrill of the wind and booming thunder!

It was meant to carry a mother's commanding voice, "Tidy your room, young lady!", that oof! in pillow fights and who can forget the neighbour who's doing home renovations - the bang! bang! bang! that goes on.

It was meant to carry music! ..

And whilst you know what I'm getting at, let me add this. A glass is meant to carry water but be careful how much and how hot you pour into it because you don't want to make a mess and you don't want to break it.

....The Earth was not meant to carry the sounds of war or screams of torture.

The sound of waves softly hitting the shore


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