Mar 14, 2013

0 Sunset come full circle

Did anyone watch the sunset three days ago? I thought it was beautiful, a glorious array of red and orange.

Imagine, I almost missed it because it was pouring rain and I assumed the skies would remain hazy grey until nightfall. "Oh well, no sunset today." I thought, with the face of a dissatisfied soul marching into the kitchen for a hot cup of milo.

I was ready to plonk myself in front of the telly when bursts of light streamed through the blinds. "Blimey! Is that....? " I rushed outside excitedly.

There it was! The most gorgeous sunset........with an eyebrow....and it looks cross. Maybe the sun has come out to play, a game of imitation!

"Man down there, guess what I am?"

"Uhmm..angry birds?"

Sunset becomes "angry bird"

The cloud moves away from the sun

How amazing the universe is. Round and round I draw on paper, but never quite getting it right. Me, intelligent man, struggling with a circle but here is one so perfect in the sky.

Beautiful sunset - a perfect circle


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