Apr 22, 2013

4 The Dolce Gusto Experience - Chococino

Slurp your coffee, sip your tea.

I never imagined owning a Dolce Gusto machine but here it was, courtesy of my lovely cousin.

Cool nights have never been the same since ..slurp. I love sitting outside the balcony with a hot cup of chococino in hand.. slurrPpp. Just me, the stars, the moon ..slurpPpPPp.

Forgive me for my overexcitement..and for losing myself in my own world.

I'm very much a fool for simple pleasures. There's nothing I like more than chillin' out in comfy shorts and old tees in the small zone of my cosy apartment. I'm that typical person with messy hair tied into a bun, looking nothing like the polished person she is on her Facebook photo.

Chococino's the "in" drink in my home right now.

I'm not a huge fan of coffee but with cocoa put together, it's like a match made in heaven. I know I'm exaggerating it a whole lot but that sums up my feelings about the Dolce Gusto chococino. No, this isn't an advertorial but it'd sure be nice if I was paid to be an ambassador for something I love.

Each box of 8-pack chococino costs RM28. That comes out to RM3.50 per cup. I guess whether it's worth it would really depend on how much you love drinking it.

I wasn't attracted to put the dollar down on the other flavours. Chocolate does that. It has such magnetism that I cannot pull away. Hah!

Anyway, although I love my machine and chococino to bits, there is one thing I really wish for - a fancy Dolce Gusto cup with measurements engraved inside so I can tell whether I'm filling it up in the right proportions.

Here are some photos to show you how easy it is to work this machine. The basics - fill it with water, place the capsules into the holder and flip the water dispensing handle on...marshmallows not included.

As easy as ABC!

Dolce Gusto Piccolo (RM400+) - makes three cups!

A registration gift upon signing up as member online - the Bubble Pod Holder

The chococino slurp is just about to happen


  1. I need one of these machines in my life. Yesterday. I love the word *Chococino* - it's a good word.

  2. Yum Yum Yum... One of my favourites too :P


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