Jun 11, 2013

6 The Coke Monster Lurks Inside

Simple pleasures. A reflection. There's something scary in there ..... besides the sugar content, I mean!

I see it. Two beady eyes staring back at me. Do you see it?

The coke monster is peeking at you ... whoooOoooOOoo

Amusing. Slurrppp...ahhh


  1. I know it's scary to learn of the high sugar content inside, but it's just too tempting especially on a hot summer day!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I find it so hard to resist on such days!

  2. Hahha! Funny post. I like this Coke Monster. Now I can scare my kids
    with this monster from drinking too much soda drinks. Lol!

  3. You are right, Sharon! There is a pair of eyes staring at me in this photo :D


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