Jun 19, 2013

2 Sixth Sense - A Sense of Pride

Genie Wong (Singer) - A member of Sixth Sense
They made the cut....to play in the Penang Island Jazz Festival's fringe events which is happening this December!

There's always this little burst of pride whenever I hear news of people doing great things back in my hometown.

We have no real celebrities to speak of. Dreams are often put away for a steady clerical job. The unambitious old folks feel that money in the pocket for a house and a car is what living is all about . Anything else seeming to add colour to mundane life is of little importance. Calling it a "sleepy town" is apt.

Occasionally, someone breaks out of the mould. I'm talking about Sixth Sense, of course. Founded by a group of talented Labuanites who have a long-standing love for music.

I admire their determination. Despite a challenging environment, they never lost their passion in taking an active role in the local music scene.

Here they are on another milestone in their music career ~ An opportunity to showcase their talent in the Penang Island Jazz Festival, a prestigious event hosting some of the world's best musicians.

This means traveling across the South China Sea. They need some help to get them over. 
I'm just spreading the word.

Here's the link to their funding appeal. You can read all about the band and hear their music in the same link. 

Project - Fund our Band to Perform in the Fringe Event at the Penang Jazz Festival 2013 | MYSTARTR

The Penang Island Jazz Festival (PIJF) is happening this December 5th to 8th. Mark your calendars because it is one of the most amazing events of the year. I was there last year and enjoyed it tremendously -  PIJF 2012 fringe event.

Blog update: 20/06/2013 - Photos of all the other band members of Sixth Sense.

Peter Lau - Drummer

Simon Lau - Bassist
MarcVai - Guitarist
Ed - Keyboardist
Gabry - Singer


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