Aug 22, 2013

4 Dale, Lake Fields (Sungai Besi)

Dale at Lake Fields. The name itself stretches my imagination. A fairly spacious 3-storey terrace house with a lake nearby gives me illusions that I'll be having lots of evening strolls with the sunset behind me...even though the lake is technically wayYYyy over there and I may not even walk that far.

Dale at Lakefields

I love the double volume concept and overall design. It's beautiful. Hardly original though. I once felt that it was unique but after seeing a number of houses with the same old, same old, I begin to wonder if housing developers are sinking into this mire of commonness. It's not a big deal but I always wish for something with a little more 'creative' in it.

For some reason, I could not feel the excitement. Mayhaps I knew what the price would be like. Maybe a sleepy town isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps it's just too big. With five bedrooms, this is a home meant more for large families. 

Plenty of space to play about

I can see you from up here! Like this so much!

Three storeys up. Huff, puff...... I'm tired already.

One of the rooms

Room with a bath

Now tagged at a no-surprise asking price of around RM1 million plus-minus, I wonder if anyone's thinking "Sungai Besi?". It's a head scratching moment when you find out that it sits in an old mining town that has yet risen to a level that can be said to generate high-income earners.

But of course, this is the shallower side of me speaking. People drive long kilometres to get to their work places. The prices of landed property is steeper in city areas, hard to find and if there is something cheaper, it is either very small, very old or poorly maintained. I guess city folks who can afford it would seriously think about getting a unit here.

When it comes to homes, it will always be a subjective matter. We are so diverse in our preferences that whilst this may not have tickled my fancy, it could very well be someone's dream home for a lot of other reasons.
End Unit

Intermediate Unit


  1. very spacey but I would choose to live in it. Many rooms to clean and storeys to climb. Haha. Sungai Besi. Yeah, my first impression would be mining and industrial area.

    1. it's good exercise and if i have kids, this would be a lovely place to stay ^.^


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