Aug 2, 2013

4 Guess where we're headed ..

Jen and I off on an adventure
They call it the Pearl of the Orient. I call it "paradise". Officially, it is known as Pulau Pinang or Penang.

Jen and I are backpacking it this time around but not without the little luxuries. You could say we're the Luxury Backpacking Duo. Oh, don't snigger.

It begins with paying for premium tickets on a comfortable double decker coach - Aeroline.

For me, taking the coach is so much easier than flying. Be there twenty minutes before, climb on board and you're on your way. All for RM60! No hassle, no waiting.

Below is a picture of our amazing coach. Looks romantic, doesn't it? Normal ticket holders sit in the upper deck. That's where Jen and I go.

There's a business lounge below reserved for priority members. It looks like a very comfortable place to hang out. It is also equipped with a washroom for emergencies.

The Aeroline Coach - It's like taking a plane, only more convenient

The steward made an announcement to buckle our seat belts. The journey would take four and a half hours. I snuggled into my seat and adjusted the foot rest.  I get a cushion to rest my back. that's what I call comfort

We were each handed a pair of headphones. I was soon engrossed in a movie - Escape from Planet Earth, to be exact. An animation about aliens being trapped on Earth and forced into building a super weapon that can pulverize planets. I think I watched three animated cartoons. Why cartoons? When traveling, I prefer light, comedic shows. Pretty much reflects how I feel on holidays.

In between, the steward served us food and drinks. We kept occupied with chatter and short naps.

Movie and refreshments
The coach stopped at a rest area just after the halfway point. We got down to stretch our legs for a bit before continuing on our journey.

20-minute stop for the restroom and to loosen our muscles
It was late afternoon when we reached Queensbay Mall, a huge modern shopping complex. That's where we alighted from the coach. How convenient!

Ee picked us up and took us to a lovely hostel where we bunked for the night in cosy settings. I'll blog about it in my next post. Promise!


  1. That's totally cool, Sharon! I haven't tried back-packing yet!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I must see your "paradise"! The bus journey itself seems relaxing enough :D


    1. Lol! It's towards food, art and old buildings ^.^


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