Nov 28, 2013

13 Sungai Buloh : The Nurseries and Growing Passion for Plants

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~ Hans Christian Andersen

And he is right. It's food for the soul. The Sungai Buloh Nurseries is a great place to "stop and smell the flowers". I enjoy journeying into this floral wonderland, which I take as a form of meditation by the way.

Meet Mr. Gnome. "Hi!", greets he.

Welcome to Happy Land!

See why this place is a haven for gardeners? The plants are enthusiastically green. The flowers look like they're singing in chorus. Lush! As a friend always puts it.

Rows of green!

If this be my garden, I'd be ecstatic!

These purple flowers are called "Mona Lavender". From personal experience, easy to maintain. All it takes is a bit of watering and trimming. I've had mine for two months and it's flourishing. In fact, it's flowering again, just weeks after the first blooms went!

A pot of mona lavender costs between RM5-RM8 at the nurseries.

Mona Lavender

The rose and its thorns are often talked about and inspire poetic words of wisdom. A couple come to mind ~ There's no rose without a thorn and A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Beautiful Red Roses

But if you want a plant that isn't too challenging, try a cactus. I have two which have crossed the ten-year mark and continues to grow passionately.

Cactuses and Succulents

You won't just be attracted by the plants in Sungai Buloh. There's a large variety of pots, soil, fertiliser and decorative items on sale.

Coconut shell hanging baskets

An exciting selection of flower pots!

Sneak a peek behind the road stalls. You never know what you may find. I discovered rows of .....Christmas trees! Don't mind me, I'm terrible with plant names. I've generally labeled all cone-shaped greens with pine-like features as Christmas trees.

Behind the nurseries - Christmas Trees!

There she grows. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree..

That's about it. Hope you enjoyed reading about my walkabout in plantdom.  I'll be posting more of these as my interest grows.

To get to the nurseries, just follow Jalan Hospital and look for a left turning into Jalan Lembah which is somewhere after Sungai Buloh Hospital (on your right). View in wikimapia.


  1. Oooh. Christmas tree. Did you buy any plants there?

    Such nice place to stop and smell the flowers.

  2. wide selection, beautiful!

    1. Aye, that's why the place is so popular with avid gardeners :)

  3. Wow! Those plants & flowers are gorgeous!

  4. What i would give to have a nursery like that!

  5. nice place to relax and getting in some fresh air :D

    1. Yes, it's a great spot to clear the mind. :)

  6. Google for cactus. Then found ..uiks...this blog looks very familiar

    This is near to the hospital area is it? Not along the RRI , right?

    Btw...was there a lot of cactus ? Friend tumpang me buy cactus. Not sure which lot have the m9st variety and cheapest price. Do u hv any idea which lot hv it?


    1. Haha ..yes, this is near the Hospital area one. I was there just two days ago. Not many cactus this time around. Not the season perhaps! :D

  7. that's really a nice place :D


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