Nov 25, 2013

3 Genie Wong : Limited Edition EP

My story on talented singer-songwriter Genie Wong was published earlier in the year on I.M. - Jazzing Up Borneo Airwaves - IM Magazine

Days ago, Genie released a limited edition EP in the form of a thumb drive. Cute isn't it? I ordered two for Christmas. I figured this would make a great gift for a couple of friends. It contains three of her original songs and two special editions, plus a music video. For RM25, I thought it was a steal.

Photos provided by Genie Wong

Have you heard any of Genie's songs? This is a recently released music video of Liar Liar, a cosy number that's easy to get addicted to. It's one of my favourite hums.

I chanced to talk to Genie a little about her music video. Just two questions.

What was the inspiration for your video?

Genie: Simplicity. The message I convey in my songs are simple.

What was the hardest thing you faced while recording this video?
Genie : Hahaha..I can't stop looking at the camera. It was like 'in my way' and I didn't know what to do with my hands!

Genie Wong on I.M. Magazine Jul/Aug issue - autographed copy (top-right).
She also made the Top 10 Inspirational Stories of 2013 list in the Dec issue.

If  you're keen to get your hands on the Genie Wong Limited Edition EP ..and it is "limited" with only 200 units being sold, contact her via Facebook :


Catch her live in Penang at the 10th Penang Island Jazz Festival this 7th and 8th December. She'll be singing in the Fringe events hosted by Creative Malaysia, under the banner of "Sixth Sense". Don't be shy to approach her to get your copy of the EP and ask for her autograph as well.

Sixth Sense is scheduled to perform at these venues on these dates (visit website to view) :

Official Website:


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