Jan 17, 2014

10 Port Dickson : Grand Lexis Resort - A "stay-indoors" holiday!

Aaahhh..reflect and relax
2014's been fabulous so far. People are back in the office with a renewed spirit. School has started with a traffic vengeance. The weather is gloomy but I'm still in that season of festivity. That's because we have many Capricorns in the family. Mom, dad, aunt, cousin... me. Hah! See how many Birthdays we're celebrating. We also make a big-do about Chinese New Year.

So, for us, the party never really ends until February. After that, it's many months of serious business.

Anyway, all this frequent traveling and meeting up with friends and family has not allowed me to blog as often as I wished but hey, I found time today. And so the story begins..

For that occasional "love-myself" reason, I booked a night at Grand Lexis Port Dickson to usher in my 40th Birthday. The unique thing about this resort? Every room is equipped with a private pool.  Whoa.

I had such a great time that I cannot not share this amazing place with everyone.

From the moment we (hubs and I) stepped into the resort, we were mesmerised. The resort staff attended to our needs with such grace and welcomeness that it felt like we were being surrounded by warm hugs.

After the checking-in paperwork was done, we were taken to our rooms in a buggy. Photos tell a better tale, don't they?

The hotel, the reception area and onto the buggy!

Here I am (below) at the Executive Pool Villa above the sea. I've no regrets paying the extra charge for the sea view. Rooms with a good sea view is limited. I had to make arrangements directly with the hotel via a phone call since there was no option available for me to select what I wanted on the online hotel booking sites I visited.

The room is huge and comfortable. A typical classic design with dim lights. On the floor is a glass panel where I could see the gentle waves of the sea passing under the room .

My room!

This is my favourite spot - the indoor pool! The first thing I did after unpacking was jump ....no, ease into the pool ~ it was c-o-l-d. After the initial brrr, I frolicked for hours....hours!

The main attraction - the private pool!

You can walk out to the pool area from the bathroom and the kitchen windows too

I love the pool so much that I've taken more shots than I should have.

It's 4ft deep which is perfect for 5ft me.

Two pool floaters were provided. I had massive fun bobbing in these with my back on the water and the sun on my face.

We only popped out for food once and then, we were back in the pool again.

It was so beautiful to watch the sun set before us as we lay floating in the water.

This room is a corner lot located at the far end of the resort and away from prying eyes of neighbouring units. The extra privacy is a plus!   

Our pool looks out into the open sea. Funnily, there is no balcony designed into the unit. So, there was no place I could sit and chill to enjoy the scenery. I wish they would remove the open shower area at the end of the pool and convert that into a sunbathing area instead.

Sea view
There were a couple of small huts built along the edge of the resort for sunset viewing. It's a gorgeous spot to laze in the evening.

The path to our room

A nice stroll around

At the end is what I call the "sunset viewing hut"
I snooped around and am happy to report that Grand Lexis Resort has garden themed units too for those who don't fancy the sea. There are two types - one which is built in a single-storey row (I think the pools are open-air in these units) and then the other, which looks like double-storey terrace houses. The ground floor rooms of the double-storey units are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the pool in private and out of the sun. The upper floor units are open and accommodate sun loving folks.

The hotel tower houses sky pool villas with private indoor pools. If you like it high, then this is where you should aim for.

Top : Garden Villas, Bottom : Sea Villas

These are some of the things you can do besides swimming - archery, fishing, games, segway rides, karaoke with friends, eat!  

From top-left, clockwise - Segway rides, Restaurant,
Games room, Archery, Public pool
Well, that's the end of my Birthday bliss but not my traveling adventure. Two days later, I jetted off to my hometown, a small island off Borneo.


~ There are no sandy beaches for romantic walks or beach activities - this place is wharf-like.

~ Food is expensive and the variety is limited. Good thing - A microwave oven, electric kettle and fridge is provided. You know what to do *wink* OR you could take a short drive into town and try some local food.


  1. That is my dream house! With pool overlooking the bedroom. Hehe.

    Nice way to usher your 40th birthday. Hmm. Now I got to plan ahead for my 40thbirthday which is 3 years away. Lol.

    Beautiful resort. Never been to Port Dickson.

    1. Hah! I wish I had a house like that too - happy planning your 40th, Rose ..lol ^.^

  2. Blessed Birthday .... My hubby's birthday is in January too :)
    I have been to Avillion PD but Grand Lexis Resort belum lagi.
    Thanks for sharing, would like to book the same room you stayed, it looks really good!
    What room number, since it has more privacy ;)

    1. Thank you, Iriene. Blessed Birthday to your hubby too.
      Oh, I have not been to Avillion but have heard that it's really beautiful there!

      This is room 2048, corner unit at the very end - the rooms along this row are more private because it faces out into the sea.

      A very nice chap by the name of Mr. Harimin (apologies in advance if I have gotten it wrong) took care of my reservation "requirements" ...lol !! ;)

  3. Every room is equipped with a private pool? Wow, I would love that too! I've yet to visit Port Dickson......

    1. Yeap, every room! I was so excited when they told me ^.^
      Apologies for the late response, Shirley. I was away for a long holiday! Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  4. such a nice laid back vacation at the hotel

  5. Hi,

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Port Dickson.

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  6. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

    Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD


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