Aug 22, 2014

14 The Progress Of My Cili Padi Plant

Friday is usually equated to being a fabulous day because it means the weekend is almost here. Well, I think there's something beautiful in every day. Happy Friday, everyone!

This post is about my chilli plant aka the bird's eye chilli.

I'm not known for having green fingers but I do try my best ..... annnd I feel like I'm getting somewhere! I water my plants religiously. I fertilise it regularly and clean off mealybugs whenever I see it. Some died, some are survivors. I'm beginning to understand what plants are suitable for the scorching afternoon sun that shines ever so brightly into my apartment.

This chilli seed (pictured below) was planted on 22nd Feb 2014.

The cili padi seed is planted

Two days later, a shoot appeared!

It sprouts!

Three months later, it seemed to be coming along nicely. Then, the leaves started curling up in a strange way. I knew I'd over-fertilised it. The instructions on the box said this much. I put in thaaaat much. Just thought I'd 'hurry things along ' know. So, I stopped fertilising it for awhile and it got better.   

Except for the leaves, the plant is growing nicely

For the longest time, I checked on the plant each day for a chilli. On 24th July, it finally happened! I felt as proud as a mom over her kid.

Sob! A chilli!

Two to three weeks later, the green turned into a shade of red.

It's turning red

Today (I snapped this picture just hours ago), it is bright red. I guess I should 'harvest' it by now.

My red cili padi

Let me break it down for you:
Day 2 - Shoot appears
Month 5 - First chilli, it's green
Month 5.5 to 6 - Chilli turns a shade of red

That's my cili padi adventure. It has been six months. I now wait for a second fruit to appear. Well, surely there's more!


  1. Looks amazing. I bet the fresher, the spicier.

  2. Wah, ada flag some more! So nice to have your own food plant; just pluck & cook!

    1. Haha ...I sure wish there was more than one! ^.^

  3. Well done!

    Happy National Day to your plant! :p It is very patriotic!

  4. hahaha so cute your plant
    i dun have green finger
    i planted few things before and all died :(
    good to know that you successfully planted it

    1. I've killed my fair share, Emily. Just gotta try and try again! :)

  5. Well done! Yes definitely time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  6. once I tried to plant kangkung at my balcony...nothing seems to appear from the soil even after 2 weeks. not so green hand or the soil not suitable.

    1. I'm only blogging about the ones that popped out. You should see the ones I planted with nothing to!!


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