Jan 22, 2016

17 One Night In Ipoh

My dearest friend's sister was tying the knot.

We were thrilled to receive an invitation. Weeks later, we found ourselves on a road trip down to Ipoh for one night just to attend the wedding. We had planned to do a little sightseeing as well. Who knew that it would turn out to be a food sightseeing trip instead!

It began with these yummy snacks, bunga telur (hard-boiled eggs) and cookies that my friend gave us at the wedding do.

Bunga Telur and Wedding Snacks

After the wedding, we took a leisurely drive around places near the Lost World of Tambun and Banjaran Hotsprings to see if we should book a stay there on another trip.

We headed into town for an early dinner that evening. A banner with a picture of this soy sauce baby octopus dish drew us into Restoran Sun Tuck Kee. We ordered flat rice noodles and braised chicken feet to go with it - a thoroughly enjoyable meal. Am I making you salivate with these pictures?

Steamed Baby Octopus

Braised Chicken Feet

Flat Rice Noodles

Sun Tuck Kee Restaurant

There was a local fruit and snacks store along the same road - Chop Wong Yew Kee. We dropped in for a look-see and brought home these goodies! I could not resist buying the chicken lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and pumpkin crackers. It was my first time seeing it. The pumpkin crackers were so yum that my girlfriend and I finished it in one sitting during our chitchatting - this was after I had returned to KL. The lap cheong? It sits in the cupboard waiting for Chinese New Year. That's when I will eat it!

Chop Wong Yew Kee - The Fruit and Snacks Store

Spot The Chicken Lap Cheong and Pumpkin Crackers?

The next morning, we headed into town to dapao (takeaway) the famous Tau Fu Fah (tofu pudding) from Funny Mountain. We breakfasted nearby with wantan noodles whilst waiting for the shop to open.

Wantan Noodles

Behold, the silkiest tau fu fah I have ever eaten!

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah

I made my way across the road to order one salted chicken to take away . We drove back to KL that afternoon. The salted chicken was our dinner that day. 

Sin Tat Seng Salted Chicken

Nom nom  ..

About to Be Devoured - Salted Chicken

Writing this post has made me miss Ipoh! I'll be back ....soon, I hope!


  1. Good way to travel wor.... so many good food. Did you buy the ayam garam powder too? Can make at home

    1. Aiyorrr...I didn't know to ask! Thanks for popping this question. Next time I will! ^.^

  2. It is good to hear that you enjoyed your short stay in Ipoh and all the yummy food you have tasted or tapau back to Ipoh.

  3. The salted chicken looks delicious, Sharon! Lovely photos! :)

    1. Thanks, Linda. It was really good to eat. I wish I had taken away two! :D

  4. Mouthwatering food!
    Happy Sunday, Sharon!

  5. Sharon, salted baked chicken is one of my favourites! Send me some won't you?? Hahaha! xoxo

    1. I wish customs wouldn't get in the way, Shirley ..haha! :D

  6. Chicken feet is very strange for my eyes...

  7. I am salivating!! Over the baby octopus and your salted chicken! Ipoh is a food haven I heard. Hope to visit it one day.

    A one night trip is too rush I think. Maybe next time you have longer stat there. Easy for you as just drive over. I need to fly over. Haha.

    1. Invite me along if you do fly over, Rose..haha..then, we can explore Ipoh together and call on Nancy! ^.^

  8. Wedding snacks are packed cutely.

  9. Chop Wong Yew Kee written there The Fruit Store
    But showing pictures of Chinese snack hahaha

  10. Aiyo, everything looks so delicious. I also want some! huhu


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