May 10, 2016

17 Aquaria KLCC : Ok-lah!

The 'Spotted Garden Eel' is just one of the fascinating creatures you can see in Aquaria KLCC. It sways like grass against soft winds, except that this is underwater. It can live up to 20 years!

I paid RM46 for an admission ticket. It's my second visit. The first being with hubs and now, with a relative. We walked in. It was noisy with schoolchildren. I found the area too small to be accommodating large numbers of persons visiting at the same time. The place could have been better designed if it was intended for buses of people. Just saying.

My two cents out of the way, I was excited to be blessed with the opportunity see underwater creatures up close.


We walked through a passageway lined with aquariums housing various small fish.

Aquariums Along The Corridor

The oceanarium is a glass tube tunnel with a travelator. We saw sharks, sting rays and many large sea animals swimming by. This, to me, was the best part of Aquaria.

The Oceanarium

Below are some of the other underwater creatures I saw along the way.

This Looks Like An Eel

Pot bellied seahorse?  Noooo.. what an unflattering name.

Pot Bellied Seahorse

Is anyone thinking of having Lobster Thermidor for dinner after seeing this?


Moon Jellies

We were surprised to see a virtual piano close to the exit. My cousin, who's a musician/singer, couldn't resist trying it out. I didn't bother looking for information as to what it was for but now I wish I had! That's the thing with delayed curiosity.

Fish in a Vertical Aquarium (left), Virtual Piano (right)

There was also a little corner dedicated to plants.

Plants at the Eco Lab

I should mention that Aquaria KLCC has the bestest staff stationed around every corner. They were down-to-earth friendly and proactively helpful. Can't fault a nice smile and a good hello. 

That ends my day out with my lovely cousin. That said, where are you most likely to take visiting relatives?


  1. Nice. My kids would love to visit here. But tickets quite pricey.

    Oooh. The eel hiding in the bed.

    1. Yes, I felt the admission tickets could have been cheaper. I can imagine what it'll cost to bring a family here. Phew!

  2. I would love to visit this place. The last one I have visited was in Langkawi.

    1. I had no idea Langkawi has something like this. Marking it on my must-visit list!

  3. So fascinating and beautiful, Sharon! I enjoyed the video, too! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Glad you like it, Linda. I enjoyed the experience. It was a great way to relax :D

  4. The admission ticket, the price, is it the same for Malaysian and foreigner or they charge different price?

  5. Nice to bring kids. Those days when I used to walk to KLCC sure pass through Aquaria. Always full of school kids especially during school holidays. But 'paiseh' never go into Aquaria. WTH!

    1. Haha....! But it is pricey so I can understand! ^.^

  6. The underwater world is so magical...

  7. Gosh, I haven't stepped into an aquarium for years....... xoxo

  8. It's not something I would go to often ..seeing how expensive tickets are ;P

  9. I never step into Aquaria KLCC even though it has been there for many years
    I am bit surprised when you said the admission is RM46 for an adult
    It is really pricey for me...


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