Nov 21, 2016

10 Melaka : A Night At The Wonderful Quayside Hotel

This is the hotel you'd want to stay in if you like rooms with a balcony to unwind; the view overlooks the scenic Melaka River. I was enamoured the moment I walked into the hotel lobby. No, I was hooked at the thought of staying here from the time I saw the photos on TripAdvisor.

Days Earlier

Haziq attended to my phone call to reconfirm the details of my room booking. He's that person who smiles over the phone. I felt it although I couldn't see him.

Fast forward a couple of days later, Hubs and I arrived at the heart of the heritage area in Melaka. My heart thumped with excitement and my eyes glowed with a happiness I cannot properly describe. Two people attended to me upon check-in, a young lady, possibly in her 20s, and an older woman. They were extremely helpful and friendly.

I knew I had arrived too early and wasn't particularly surprised at being informed that no rooms were ready. So I assured them that I was there only to register my particulars and would return after 2PM or 3-ish. They took my number down and said that they would call me the moment a room was available.

"I'm willing to wait for a good room, ya. You take your time. No worries one! " I said in my biggest smile. I was barely out of the door when they waved me back in. Lo and behold, less than ten minutes since I'd been there, I was already climbing up a spiral staircase to Room 205. How exciting!

The design is minimalistic with a large window that slides open to a balcony; I loved it!

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - Premium Room With Double Bed

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - Premium Room

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - Premium Room With A Balcony

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - Basic Amenities

A little about the 3-star hotel; It was once a customs warehouse. Now, it's a two-storey boutique hotel with 39 rooms.The whole concept of the hotel is warehouse-like complete with light bouncy flooring and walls non-too-soundproof. I was hardly affected by the noises made by my neighbours or the chatter from tourists walking past below the room. Guess all those years living in a village near the airport paid off!

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - The Lobby

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - The Reception Area

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - Me On The Higher Floor

The hotel is located smack in the heart of the touristy area of Melaka. It's next to the roundabout at the Dutch Square (Stadthuys), round the bend from Jonker street and is on the same row as the ship museum. Just behind the parking lot is the famous A Famosa fort, plus several museums.

Quayside Hotel, Melaka - View From Across The River

The rate for the premium room with a double bed at the time of booking, including taxes, was RM231.06. I had made two requests - on the form, for a higher floor and personally telephoned them to reserve one parking lot.

The CarPark

Parking costs RM10 per day and is located across the road beside the police station in an open air private carpark. The hotel will provide guests with a numbered key to unlock the padlock on the folding parking post barrier. The parking spot is yours for the entire day - this means that you are free to leave and come back to it anytime.

Other Costs

RM2 heritage fee.

Address: 1, Jalan Merdeka, Quayside Heritage Centre, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka.

The view from my room balcony; day and night.

Melaka River Daytime

Melaka River At Night

Hubs and I had an amazing time. It was good to get out of the city to refresh the mind even if it was only for a night. The balcony was our favourite spot - we dined alfresco with food takeaways from Jonker Street's vibrant night market, took in the sights and sounds of enchanting Melaka and chatted about life in general.

How did we find the stay? Fantastic! No complaints! 


  1. Looks like a great time, Sharon....and what a lovely room! Your beautiful smile won them over. :)

    1. Yes, we had a lovely time, Linda. Am really blessed that everything went well ;)

  2. Sounds reasonable for a nice hotel. Will keep this as bookmark.

    1. The location is amazing, Rose. All the historical spots within walking distance.

  3. Same here, i wouldn't mind to wait for a good room, if i am early, i can leave my luggage with the hotel, then go jalan jalan, come back when room is ready...

  4. Nice!

    I stayed at a hotel by that river too few years ago, but the river has kind of unpleasant smell. Now it looks so clean, or maybe my time was during dry season.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised, Ez. The river is pretty long. This hotel is nearer to the open sea. ;)

  5. Always did day trip never overnight here. Whoa! this hotel have a stunning view.


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