Jan 1, 2018

12 Heralding The New Year With Music And Fireworks

Happy 2018 my wonderful friends,
I wish you a year filled with joyous moments,
And if you're hit with life's twists and bends,
I wish you strength and perseverance.

May you be blessed with all things good,
May your days be warmed by love and kindness,
Let no negative situation ruin your mood,
Do what you need to find your happiness.

Release the chains of hurt and regret,
Live a life of adventure and cheer,
Remember these wise words - forgive and forget,
It is the secret to feeling better. 💝

Happy New Year!
~ Sharon D.

Ten, nine, eight ...one, boom! Fireworks lit the sky. I stood rooted to the quiet spot, mesmerised by the flowery display of light above. I wasn't the only one I realised. A group of firefighters had their hands in the air with their mobile phones on video mode. It put a smile on my face to see that. Sure wish I'd thought of taking a photo of them!

You must be wondering how I found a 'quiet spot' in such crowded place. Easy, just stick to the men in orange uniform by the roadside. I'm not sure about other places but being a regular countdown attendee at Publika Shopping Mall, I'm experienced enough to know where to stand for a great view of the fireworks and that debris can get into your eye if you're not careful. Best to have your glasses on.

A short video on the fireworks I oohed and aahed over:

Hubs and I actually started our adventure at 9PM, heading to the food court first for a meal. We explored the outdoor mall area only after that, maneuvering through crowds patiently and finally settling on a spot near the stage where live music was playing. A number of the songs were familiar and catchy, suitable for the crowd to join in.

Publika - Counting Down To The New Year

To tell you the truth, whilst I enjoyed the singing, I was really hoping to catch 'Hands Percussion'. I'm pleased they left it as the last performance of the night just before the countdown. They had the crowd at first drum beat. The energy was fantastic!

Amazing, huh?

Hands Percussion

I'm glad I still enjoy late night New Year Countdown celebrations. What can I say? Young at heart and still happening. Lol. Watching live performances by various artistes was a great way to end to my 2017. The fireworks were a magical start to 2018. Happy New Year ..cheers to another wonderful one!


  1. Firemennon stanf by in case of emergency but instead they were also as excited and jovial ushering the New Year. Good to see that.

    Wish I ciuld witness New Year fireworks. Never done so before. The most is countdown in pub. Lol.

    Happy New Year to you, Sharon. Have a wonderful year ahead.

    1. Wishing you the same, Rose.
      May 2018 be good to both of us!
      The fireworks could go into your bucket list ;) Gotta bring the kids to experience it with you at least once.

  2. You definitely had a great celebration! Happy New Year, Sharon.

    1. Thanks, Angie! 'Twas a memorable one. Happy 2018! ^.^

  3. Happy New Year to you and love ones!

  4. So lucky to see Hands percussionists!

    1. I'm hoping to catch them live again. Not feeling the youtube videos ..lol :D

  5. Lovely post, dear! Here's wishing you the best of 2018! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Shirley! xx Wishing you all the love and joy this 2018 ^.^


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