Jul 23, 2020

8 Pudding In A Jiff

Pour hot water, stir .. eh, all done? That's how easy it is to make this pudding.

Quicku Pudding Honeydew Flavour

I was skeptical about liking it at first. If it's too easy, it makes me suspicious, lol. Like facing off a get-rich-quick scheme. Aah, how the mind wanders. This is nothing like that, of course. We're talking about an instant dessert sold in supermarkets at a cheap price.

I grabbed a box to try after a friend recommended it on our cooking group. Served with a mix of fruits, this pudding was quite a hit with my husband. "Mmm ..nice! "

Quicku Pudding

Anything convenient is always welcome into my kitchen. I have a list of food recipes that I save for parties. This is going into that for obvious reasons - quick to make and quite tasty.

I will not be a slave to the kitchen on the day I should be mingling with my loved ones.

👆 Just how I like my get-togethers. For me, this precious time should be saved for catching up with with friends and family. Hiding behind the wok is not how I want my night to go. Though food connects people, it is still doing things together that creates a deeper bond. My humble opinion.


  1. I like quick fix like this...esp. in hot humid summer days. This is a perfect dessert, Sharon.

  2. Tasty ah?? Ok, I would like to try it. My kids be happy if this mummy succeessfully make for them. Hehe.

    1. I'm sure it will be a success - this one is too easy! ;) Only a matter of mixing hot water in. I went with a lower amount to get a more solid texture.

  3. Waaah!! You really got me curious to buy this to try since it is so easy to make. I love to eat puddings especially when dining at hotel buffets where the dessert section would have many yummy choices! My top choice would be caramel pudding.

    1. I never imagined it would be that easy either, lol. I like shortcuts. Handy on days I need to make something quick.

  4. Replies
    1. Kan? I have yet to try the other flavours but will soon. Just nice for a quick treat and in small portions. I used the least water recommended on the box.


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