Jan 27, 2006

1 A New Home, A New Beginning

After a year, we're (Daevid and I) still renovating our new home. We moved in last Dec 05, bought the unit in Dec 04. It's sheer bliss having our own place to thrash.

Bright orange and yellow, those are the colours of our apartment because I love cheery colours and typically, I've grown sunflowers in my mini garden which is located at the balcony.

Bathroom wallls are orange too. I've green plants everywhere. I've this vision that my home should be full of live greenery. Perhaps I may even buy a CD that plays nature's sound for a more realistic feel. I, I, I ..Daevid doesn't seem to mind.

We started out by designing the home for a Balinese feel. It obviously didn't fall through because unconciously, we veered into another direction.

The room walls were painted blue and green. We've hanging lights which are crafted from seashells, one in the hall, one in the balcony area and one in the bedroom. We've sea rocks / stones decorating our tiled floors.

What were we doing? .......I've lived by the seaside all my life. We both lived on lovely islands with lots of greenery. Now, we live in the city, in a condo, on a high floor. We may not have realised it initially but we've probably fashioned our home after our childhood. .. "Seaside Tropics" ....that's more of the theme of our design now. Lush tropics....

The reason why I love our new home so much is because we worked on renovating the small parts ourselves. We have fond memories of every item that is placed in our home, every item that we've worked on.

We painted the kitchen cabinets ourselves. All the top cabinet doors are decorated with a white framed picture of a flower which we got for about MYR 9.90 at Jusco.

Then the balcony railing is entwined with rope which we got from Ace Hardware.

The seashell lights....ahh..we got those from Labuan island between MYR 15 to MYR 45. The same item costs between MYR 80 to MYR 160 in Kuala Lumpur.

The stones which we laid on the floor was collected from Port Dickson beach. We spent the afternoon picking up stones under the hot hot HOT sun during the Chinese New Year Holidays. But it was not all hot, we had ice cream to keep us cool.

Our bedroom wall is decorated with 2 towels with beach babe pictures. We got this free from HSBC (Credit card points redemption).

Our best indoor plants are from Ikea. They're so healthy, there's two healthy green worms living in one pot and a fat earthworm in the other. You could say, I'm in good company even when Daevid isn't around.

There are but so many things for us to do together, so many memories to build....I love my new home :)


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