Dec 25, 2007

0 I am I not?

I am legend…really?……I wish!!

I went to the movies with a gf and my partner today. After much tussling, I managed to convince them to watch "
I am Legend" In return, I had to watch "Alien vs Predator 2"….gah!

I found both movies to be in good taste..though non-Chrismassy, which was out of tradition for me. I had wanted Alvin & the Chipmunks. Seeing the 2 people beside me cringe at the suggestion was such a joy….but I lost the war and settled for Will Smith. He was so well oiled…err…built in the movie. No regrets here. If he were the last man on earth, I wouldn’t have minded being the last woman.

On Alien vs Predator 2 - I would be my dreams – Alien’s just so gross. In this movie, the Alien was bred out of a dead Predator (following on from the first movie), hence inheriting some of its traits (hair - to be precise). I was pretty excited about the battle scenes between the Aliens and the Predator (so cool – one creature against many) .... pity, they didn’t put up a good long one for us to savour. Too many scenes on battling other insignificant Aliens in between is a waste of good movie time. A major battle scene between the best would have done the job nicely.

And what’s with these Aliens and their obsession with mass breeding anyway? Food is already scarce. Go figure. Alas, the Alien did not inherit any human trait...that would have been a change - Alien with human hair.

Next challenge - I have this thing about watching feel-good movies on Christmas. It’s probably just a silly thing BUT I GOTTA WATCH A FEEL-GOOD SHOW BEFORE CHRISTMAS ENDS!! I JUST HAVE TO!! Alvin, here I come…


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