Dec 29, 2007

3 Dinner at our place

It was dinner at our place for friends we rarely met, on 23rd Dec :) Around 20 people who were close to our hearts turned up (err....didn't really start out this way).

I had only intended to invite a family of 3..I'm still trying to figure out how we got 20.. wait..did I say 3? fact, I never planned to open my house for Christmas - it just happened! One said her family's looking forward to it..blah blah...and so it carried on from one friend to another.

Then Jen came along looking sad and depressed. "Hey, what's wrong?", my big mouth enquired. Before I knew it, her sob story made me offer my home to her, to host a dinner for some of her close friends.

I roasted 2 chickens (turkey's out of my budget), stir fried mixed vege, cooked spicy dried chilli cuttlefish and deep fried some kiddie food (chicken wings and chicken balls). My partner's specialty is fried noodles and rice, so that's what he did. Jen baked a cake and prepared sweet and sour fish. it is, our work of art:

In between, we carolled and exchanged gifts ;) It was a fantastic evening. I would have it again.

Close ups for my online diary:


  1. kaka..looks only.. ;) Thanks for the compliment.

    Next time, I'll call you over to verify if it's really just looks ;)

  2. such a lovely feast over there!
    I never join such Christmas celebration at someone house but looks good to me :)


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