Dec 20, 2007

0 Silver Aeroplanes - Forgiveness is in!

Silver Aeroplanes - it was an amazing play by PJEFC. Way beyond my a church play could bring in so many emotions and how the actors and actresses portrayed their characters brilliantly.

It was a touching story of how a brother learnt forgiveness from his mentally challenged sibling, who loved playing with his silver aeroplane. He had left this brother behind, with much reluctance, to pursue his dreams but never really forgave himself for it. He then started neglecting his loved ones to focus on his job.

A success many years later, he met with an accident and was bedridden. It was then that his patient mentally challenged brother brought him hope. He responded in anger initially but this brother continued to care for him, encouraged him to walk again and showered him with forgiveness freely.

This act of love made him realise that all he had to do was ask for forgiveness and all would be forgiven.

I sure hope I got the message right :) I'm not an excellent example of a Christian but its great knowing that there could be someone out there who'll forgive my shortcomings and encourage me with love instead of judgement.


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