Aug 22, 2010

0 Repo Men

The Repo-Man gets repo-ed. Storyline's pretty interesting. An organisation called The Union sells artificial body parts (liver, heart, eyes etc) on instalment plans. Those who are overdue in payments get their bodies ripped apart by Repo-Men working for The Union. This is how they repossess their goods. 

To cut it short, Repo-Man Remy (Jude Law) gets an artificial heart after an accident and what goes round comes round. He goes on the run.

Spoiler alert:  The climax is a pretty gory affair, with Remy cutting into his own flesh, then digging into his body with a scanner to scan his artificial heart. The idea is that if the item is scanned and recorded as retrieved, the names of the hunted will be removed from the system and they will hence seize to be on the "wanted" list. It looks like Remy was successful .. wasn't he?

There's a familiar twist at the end which will remind you of "Inception". Won't elaborate on this.

Tickets courtesy of UIP Malaysia (^_^)

United International Pictures Malaysia
Alrightey Folks, Heres a chance for you to win yourself a pair of screening passes to the Premiere of "Repo Men". To win, answer this question as creative as possible. =)

If you were working for the Union, Which job would you choose to take up and why?

Answer: The Janitor, if I had no choice but to work there - It's the furthest role I would play in hurting people, not the the salesperson who sells something which can be taken back brutally, not the employee in the manufacturing line who mass produce this stuff for profit, nor the CEO of a corporation with such principles, not even HR who pays Repo Men to do this. I'd rather mop the floor.


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