Aug 12, 2010

0 The Last Airbender

A case of so-so acting and cheesy lines - That's all I have to say about the movie :)

While the movie itself did not make a lasting impression on me, the free pair of passes I got, did. On it was printed, "FREE SEATING". In this country, that's never a good sign. Trust me.

It started off well with a queue outside the cinema halls, but once they released the ribbon to let us in, the chaos began. We had people racing up the stairs with kids and all. Two sweet old ladies shoved us aside and made a run for it.

You'd think there was a gold rush or something. The more decent ones continued their walk in, graciously.

We stepped into the screening hall cautiously, quickly noticing that many good seats were already "booked" by these shameless people. We were the lucky ones, blessed with a comfortable spot without resorting to bad manners.

Some left disappointed. One poor girl mustered her courage and plonked herself on one of these "booked" seats which was still empty. 

No sooner had five minutes passed, she was confronted by the late-to-arrive seat bookers. They claimed that the spot was theirs (Seems that their friend, who was sitting beside quietly, was too shy to tell the girl that the seat was taken). It should be meant for those who were here first. Bullies, they were.

Tickets courtesy of The Star


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