Aug 25, 2010

0 New Zealand Natural Ice Cream - As uplifting as it gets

Nothing thrills me more than ice-cream, I kid you not. It's perfect for high temperatures, perfect with waffles, biscuits and bread, perfect as shake and the perfect cure for any bad day.

I finally utilised the voucher I received from New Zealand Natural for my participation in their Father's Day contest on facebook.  The voucher was for 1 take-home pack of NZ Natural ice cream. It was memorable to me because I got to talk about my Dad, whom I adore. He's often inspired me to take the straight and narrow path.

New Zealand Natural outlets are nil in existence where I hail from and the long distance made it impossible for Dad and I to get-together to share the ice-cream. Dad wasn't as fussy as I was about the unfairness of it all. He was just, typically, an understanding dad.

The voucher of temptation

What's in the pack?

Butterscotch (Left) / Cookies n Cream (Right)

Not to be savoured alone

New Zealand Natural
We asked everyone to pick a New Zealand Natural ice cream flavour and tell us how it best represents their father.

Answer : Rum and Raisin aptly depicts my father who has touched the lives of many people with wise words and a fair assessment of things. I’m often told of my father’s humility and helpfulness. My father believed in standing up for what’s right even if the going was tough.

I remember the days when he used to run a video shop. copying was rampant and unchecked. My father was ‘encouraged’ to follow suit for profit sake and to change with the times. Rather than compromise his principles, he closed the shop and moved on to greater things. He didn’t blame anyone, nor was he bitter. He showed me and many people that there were “still a few good men”. Life wasn’t about being a success superficially.

This flavour reminds me of his bold stand in life, and how he has sweetened it for many.

True story - A tribute to Dad.

PS: Of course, I sent him something else for Father's Day ;)


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