Sep 30, 2010

0 Alpha and Omega - Better off without 3D

Great feel-good movie which need not have been made in 3D. I say this because we're now spoilt for choice, and to make us fork out extra for something predictable with mediocre 3D imagery is just robbing kids blind.
It has a plot that won't go wrong, lines that appeal and a happy ending. The 'wow' factor is somehow missing here. There are no majestic visuals. I wish they had put more thought into animatic details.

I would save my money for 3D specials like Legend of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga'hoole or Avatar. Anything else is better off savoured in non-3D format and this is one of it.

Tickets courtesy of Cinema Online (love them so much), and check out their news section here - me, featured for the third time. Shows how much I enjoy the movies :)


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