Sep 14, 2010

0 Car Under Repair

..There goes my car ...

Maybe I shouldn't have driven through the mini flood caused by the rain, but who knew there were two along the same stretch! The car started to reverse against the tide. It floated a wee bit and panicked me broke the cardinal rule... "Do not change gear". Oh, that's exactly what this rebel did to pull free. It worked, to the detriment of the car. This was in July.

Soon after, the squeaking started, the hazard lights went kaput, the radio acted up and the air-con was literally dancing to Katy Perry's "You're hot then you're cold".

I can hear my mechanic humming, "Ka-ching..Ka-ching $$$, she's back at the workshop again".

I took the liberty to check out what's new in the market after the first sign of car trouble. On a measly budget, the furthest I could look was the newly released Myvi Limited Edition - a certified chick car. Love it!  

Dazzling Red (looks a little pink to me)

This babe costs RM50k+- (not the girl inside, you!)


Specs: ..what specs???
Verdict: Awesome.


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