Sep 25, 2010

0 Cheezels Biskitz - Mantra to happiness

2O1O With the birth of Cheezels Biskitz, the world of snackdom is never going to be the same. 

I was recently blessed with a carton to savour on Merdeka Day ...and savour I did.

Three flavours graced my eager tongue - Chilli Cheese, Sour Cream & Cheese and Classic Cheese. Really love how the cheesy aroma wafted up my nose everytime I took a bite into the mini crunchy biscuit. It was easy to fall in love with not one for bland stuff. Even the packaging works - cheerful colours which incidentally represent the Malaysian flag ♥ I feel... ..
♬ ♪ ♬ happy

The much awaited prize..looks like I got Chilli Cheese

Open sesame!

Hip hip hooray for 3 flavours! it already!

A collector's item for sure (the packaging I mean)

Just awhile longer

Tadaaa..Cheezels Biskitz!

Colours of Malaysia

One for the album cos I love it so much

Have you seen the commercial? A lil cheesy (no pun intended) but I love those blue creatures called Chezzets. Wish they had it in soft toy form (a good idea to pitch to the Cheezels team). Marketing least for me and I readily embrace my weakness. It's good, no?


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