Oct 29, 2010

0 Family and Friends - How can I not love you?

I'm really happy today, and it's not because I won another contest. Funnily, my usually low-key Facebook friends and family members stepped up to congratulate me openly today.

People make mistakes all the time and I did just that with a less than perfect slogan....I willingly gave the prize up and that was that. Well..I thought that was that!

And then it started,  the comments slowly trickled in..congratulatory messages and heartfelt support...awww.. I ♥ these guys. They didn't have to, but they did and they even turned a blind eye.

I know that should I ever fall..and I mean seriously ;) , I can always depend on these guys for moral support. This could've been just another good day, but it was made great by their heartfelt actions.


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