Oct 21, 2010

0 Adam Lambert - The glamour and the clamour

At the end of the concert, I was sure I lost some of my hearing. That's what you get when Adam Lambert's 10,000 strong Malaysian fans scream in euphoria.

Peace, was when he sang an acoustic version of "Whataya want from me". The crowd sang along and I felt as though we were all falling under a magical spell from the doe eyed looks I could see on everyone's faces.

It was a good crowd with a mix of all ages. No worries about being the old lady trying to fit into the young fold, like some of the concerts I've been to.

As the stadium fills

Digi balloons being bounced about 

Seeing his live performance was an out-of-this-world experience for me. He was one of those guys who could really sing the highs and the lows comfortably. Never would you have to worry about paying money for a squawk on the mic.

Adam Lambert didn't disappoint his fans. As good on the telly as he is live! He's an outstanding performer with great stage presence. Glamour? He dressed the part, without the diva attitude. 

A short clip:

Some photos :
That's how far I was from the stage

Looks at those muscles

Good thing they have the big screen

But not all of us are fans. Outside the stadium, was a clamour of protest against his gay lifestyle.

The police kept the protesters in check

Received this flyer from a protestor


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