Oct 27, 2010

2 We're all takers..

How very true....Just a line off a movie I recently watched, "Takers". Reminded me how we all love to take more than we give.

Anyway, this movie's about a group of professional bank robbers, betrayed by their fellow member, Ghost (Rapper T.I.), who had just been released from jail. It turns out that Ghost had only revenge in mind when he convinced the gang to take up a "job" with millions at stake. Why was he mad? They bailed on him when he was caught by the police and his girl got engaged to one of the other members.  

An interesting plot and it could've been a great movie, but I just couldn't feel the chemistry between the cast. It felt a bit forced and unnatural. Too many stars in the movie, not enough time to build solid characters. There's Zoe Saldana, Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon ..!

My favourite scene was the chase in the subway where Jesse (Singer Chris Brown) went on the run when he was recognised by the cops. It was a commendable effort and it made me forget my prejudice against singers who act.

The trailer:

Tickets courtesy of Galaxie.


  1. wow Sharon...great short and precise review...i feel like i have watched the movie! keep it up gal...


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